Apocalypse resurrected

by Vladan Cukvas

Ever since the theme about the end times was added to the Bible, people in Europe, Christians in particular, have had the Armageddon story going in one form or another.

Yet, never has a story about the end of days had such global appeal as the story about the global warming and the anthropgenetic climate changes. Was that hubris or did some sort of megalomaniac shift occur in the self-understanding, which still gets its clue from the biblical texts? Has man become god, powerful enough to destroy the Earth, but not good enough to save it from himself?

It seems that the narrative of global warming owes its success to the perfect mixture of religious belief and science, with the ratio 9:1 in favor of the religion. Rarely has a scientific field been hijacked so boldly by the corporate interests at the expense of all of us who got to fear an overreaching danger. The indulgencies were replaced by the air-tax (CO2 quotas) that is being sold by Goldman Sachs and alike.

When science becomes superstitious then we are in big trouble, for we are left neither with faith nor with knowledge. All that is left is fear and a vague prospect of redemption through obedience.

FED is dead – tribute to the chopperman

by Vladan Cukvas

An imaginary day in the not so distant future.

I woke up to the sound of chopper hovering above the town. The money was raining all over, just as the man had promised. She lifted her gaze with the mixture of surprise and confusion, and then she glanced back at me as I said to calm her down.

– It’s a chopper, baby.

– Whose chopper is this?

– Fed’s.

– Who’s Fed?

– Fed’s dead baby, Fed’s dead.